I am André Quesnel, I’ve been living in the Netherlands since 2014. Born and raised French Canadian in Ottawa,Ontario. I played professional hockey in the United States and in the Netherlands from 1998-2001. My preparation for my career in media started when I was playing hockey, as well as volunteering at local tv stations to then go to broadcast journalism school.

My experience stems from working for various tv channels, news organizations, sports broadcasters, production companies and as an independent video producer.  I’ve worked for government agencies , the private sector and as a entrepreneur. From producer, director, assignment-editor, video-journalist, cameraman, video-editor, graphics , sound operator, technican, trainer to workshop instructor.


  • 4K Camera
  • HD Camera
  • GoPro
  • Drone
  • Lighting Kit
  • Sound Gear


  • Video Producing
  • Video Editing & Transfers
  • Multi Camera Livestreams


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Telephone: ‭+31 0619418692‬